Being a tourist in Barcelona, with a gastronomic perspective, it is a luck.

Barcelona has a wide range of Bars, cafes and restaurants of all categories, suitable for all tastes and all budgets. Those who visit Barcelona can enjoy from the most classic market cuisine, gourmet cuisine to local and international cuisine.

Specially the local cuisine, we could say it is based on fresh and quality products with simple elaborations and giving great importance to vegetables.

The most popular dish and the one that has more followers every day around the world is Pa amb tomàquet (bread with tomato) which accompanies perfectly sausages, cheeses, tortillas, croquettes, etc. but it is also delicious without side dish.

Other delicious and traditional dishes are:

  • Canelones: pasta stuffed With meat and bechamel sauce.
  • Escalivada: consisting of roasted peppers, eggplants and onions
  • Pollo a la Catalana: chicken cooked With plums and pine nuts
  • Suquet de Pescado: a stew with different fish in sauce.
  • Paella: one of the most popular Spanish dishes that has also a relevant place in Barcelona
  • Calçots: roasted tender onions with a sauce that is worth not being missed
  • Fricandó: stewed meat with mushrooms
  • Crema Catalana: a very traditional dessert
  • Mel I mató: cottage cheese with honey and nuts

On certain season dates we find dishes like “Escudella i d’olla” the traditional Christmas dish, a very tasty stew with broth, pasta, meats and vegetables. Also dishes made with mushrooms in autumn and spring; and summer dishes as salads and cold soups.


Visiting Barcelona deserves a stop at one of the traditional cuisines restaurants where you can fund delicious dishes that are part of the city’s culture.

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