Classic Restaurant Barcelona

For tourist in Barcelona on these special dates we propose 5 restaurants located in the historic center that are especially exquisite in terms of traditional cuisine.All of them are restaurants that work with quality products and have a very appreciated environment for their customers.

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Christmas in Barcelona

Barcelona Christmas 2019

If you visit Barcelona in December you will realize that like many cities in Europe, Barcelona also celebrates Christmas. During these dates, the city dresses up with special lighting in its streets, Christmas markets, shop window full of attractive gifts, colors, flowers and Christmas lights. Christmas is also a good time to go sightseeing in Barcelona. Read more



Being a tourist in Barcelona, with a gastronomic perspective, it is a luck.

Barcelona has a wide range of Bars, cafes and restaurants of all categories, suitable for all tastes and all budgets. Those who visit Barcelona can enjoy from the most classic market cuisine, gourmet cuisine to local and international cuisine.

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Arquitectura Barcelona_ Sagrada Familia

Visit Barcelona and all its architecture

Barcelona is an amazing city for architecture lovers but also for tourists who enjoy being surprised when they are simply taking a walk.

The city of Barcelona, like so many European cities, has had a great evolution since the first Nelithic settlements over 4000 years ago.In terms  of times of well being, misery, diseases, wars, sieges have been destroyed and built entire neighborhoods of the city, resulting in a unique and very interesting architectural panorama, not only for the amount of interesting spaces, but also for its variety and quality. Read more

Barcelona Barrio Gótico

Barcelona, the Old Town


The helicopter ride through Barcelona gives us a unique view of the neighborhood and allows
us to understand the network of small streets and other buildings in a different way.
From the air, the difference between the ancient city that corresponds to the Roman and
medieval times of the city, l’Eixample and the modern city is clearly appreciated. Read more

Helicopter Tour Safety

Trust CatHelicopters for a Safe Journey

One question we often get asked is “how safe is a helicopter tour?”    Helicopter incidents are very rare.  That’s why when they do happen they make front page news.   Statistics show you’re far safer in a helicopter than driving the streets below.  From our point of view we believe you are in “very safe hands” when you fly with us.  Here are a few points to consider. Read more

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