Christmas in Barcelona

Barcelona Christmas 2019

If you visit Barcelona in December you will realize that like many cities in Europe, Barcelona also celebrates Christmas. During these dates, the city dresses up with special lighting in its streets, Christmas markets, shop window full of attractive gifts, colors, flowers and Christmas lights. Christmas is also a good time to go sightseeing in Barcelona.

On November 29th, Barcelona welcomed Christmas. It was the first day that its streets were illuminated, and they began the typical activities of these holidays. Since the end of the 18th century in front of the Cathedral of Barcelona, as every year, more than two hundred stalls are installed to sell handicraft products and typical products of these dates. In Barcelona this market is called Fira de Santa Llúcia. In it you can buy trees and their corresponding ornaments. In addition we will also find the typical figures to assemble the nativity scene, there are all kinds of figurines, both traditional and modern. In Catalonia, the figure of the “caganer” is specially important: traditionally it represents a shepherd boy who is usually placed behind a tree, because he is defecating. Currently we can find “caganers” representing politicians, singers and other popular characters.

Another Catalan tradition is “The tío”, a tree trunk that on Christmas Eve leaves gifts and sweets to children, but after receiving a few sticks.

During these days, there are many shows and activities related to Christmas traditions, courses for nativity scenes, a giant Tío, musical performances, etc.

A large Christmas tree and a nativity scene are installed every year in the Town Hall Square so both citizens and tourists who walk through the streets of the center can enjoy them. This year the nativity scene has been made by the artist Paula Bosch and is an installation of boxes of different sizes with Christmas objects that make up the nativity scene

Until 31st of December, Plaça Catalunya becomes a space linked to Christmas parties where there are free activities for all ages

On the other hand, many associations and entities in the neighborhoods also carry out activities and nativity scenes to visit.

To end the Christmas Celebrations, on January 5th, the city celebrates the Grand Cavalcade of The Three Wise Men who arrive to the port of Barcelona. They are received by the mayor and parade along the main roads Barcelona making the eyes of both children and adults shine with illusion

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