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Barcelona is one of the 20 most visited cities in the world, and is the fourth European city behind London, Paris and Istanbul.

The attractions of the city, are many, as well as its good weather even in winter.

Today we will pay attention to a part of the city: the old town. The old town is called “Ciutat Vella”, and as its name indicates is the oldest part of the city. It consists of four different neighbourhoods that deserve special attention each one of them: the Gothic Quarter, the Barceloneta, the Raval, Sant Pere, Santa Caterina and La Ribera. We will pay attention to one of them in the following posts.

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Barcelona has more than 4 km of beach, which is a great tourist attraction. The neighbourhood of La Barceloneta is a beach neighbourhood that no one can miss

It is also the old fishermen’s quarter, a popular and lively neighbourhood, full of good fish restaurants, refreshing terraces, classic and modern bars and taverns, we can also find small food shops. The neighbourhood is home to a large biomedical research centre and one of the most important hospitals in the city: Hospital del Mar. You can reach easily by public transport both underground and bus.

The names of the beaches of Barcelona refer to its origins: Barceloneta Beach, Somorrostro, San Miguel, San Sebastián, Bogatell, Nova Icària, Mar Bella, Nova Mar Vella and Llevant.

The Barceloneta beach is the most popular in Barcelona, ​​because of its good communication, sports facilities, various volleyball courts, ping-pong tables and spaces for children’s recreation.

Next, we find the small beach of Sant Miquel, a space visited by nudists, and if we continue to walk along the promenade, we can reach San Sebastià beach, which is more than one kilometer long and the most southern beach of the city. Events such as outdoor cinema are held in the summer months, there are two sports clubs specially focused on beach sports and one of the most spectacular hotels in the city: the W hotel with its restaurants, bars and views.

We will continue talking about the beaches of Barcelona, ​​but here we leave one of our recommendations: after a day of the beach, take advantage of it to see it from the air and take a helicopter ride, you will have a very different view of the coast! You can also do the reverse, come and fly by helicopter along Barcelona’s coast and then relax on the beaches of Barcelona.

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