Información/reservas: +34 93 224 07 10 - Whatsapp: +34 637 802817
Información/reservas: +34 93 224 07 10 - Whatsapp: +34 637 802817
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  • Itinerary:
    “You will be surprised by numerous details never seen from the ground”

    You will be amazed at how different the city loks from the sky! You will see famous Barcelona landmarks includong:  the World Trade Center, Columbus Statue, Maremagnum, the old fishing district of Barceloneta, the coastline to the Olympic Hatbour, the Marbella beach, the Cultural Forum.

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    Total duration of the experience: 35 minutes.
    Flight duration: approx 6 minutes.


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    Useful information:

    • The experience of the tour will be held as follows:

      Arrival at the heliport 20 minutes before departure, presentation at the counter check-in with you voucher / ticket and your passport or ID. Our receptionist will give you the boarding pass, will take note of your personal data and weight, the commander needs to check the balance of the aircraft (maximum weight per person is 100 kg) for exceeding the weight the passenger must pay two bills.

      Passengers will have to remain in the terminal waiting for the call of his flight. . Once you hear your flight you should go to boarding entry, there you have leave your personal objects in the tray and go through the security arch, then we will proceed to explain a informative briefing of the basic safety standards and visualize the tour route, our staff will offer ear headphones and indicate them the way to go, so it will help them to load and unload of the helicopter.

      In our terminal will find a vending machine with coffees, sodas etc. Also if you want you can buy some souvenirs and access free Wi-Fi.

      During the standby can also go to the terrace of our terminal, where you can take fantastic photos.

    • All our flights are operated by our highly qualified staff of pilots, supported with thousands of flight hours and experience flying over Barcelona. Our fleet of helicopters has the latest technology and with our staff you will live an unforgettable and different experience. Our main objective is to offer our customers the VIP treatment.
      Cathelicopters S.L. is recognized by the Spanish State Agency for Aviation Safety.
    • To confirm a flight we always requiere a mínimum of 4 passengers per flight. In case you want to book for 1/2/3 passengers the company will try to look for the rest of passengers in order to get the minimum, 4 passengers.
      If you want to fly alone, exclusive flight, you will have to book a flight for 5 passengers.
      Booking is requested.
      Photo ID or passport required for boarding.
      The duration of our flights may vary based on flight routing.
      The company reserves the right to cancel or change flights, subject to weather conditions, technical or administrative.
      Metal detector arch is being used.
      Prices in this brochure are subject to change.
      24 hours before check the status of your flight.
      We remind you that the maximum weight allowed per passenger is 110kg. In case of exceeding it you’ll be asked to pay for two seats.

    For more information contact us: +34 93 224 07 10.

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