Información/reservas: +34 93 224 07 10 - Whatsapp: +34 637 802817
Información/reservas: +34 93 224 07 10
Whatsapp: +34 637 802817

Frequently questions

  • From november to march:
    Monday to friday: 10 to 19h
    Saturday: 10 to 17h
    Sunday and holiday: 10 to 15h

    From april to october
    Everyday: 10 to 19h


  • To confirm a flight we always require a minimum of 4 passengers per flight.
  • You’ll have to arrive 20 minutes before your flight time, and bring your voucher and id card or passport.

  • In that case we’ll have to cancel your flight due to security reasons. Your flight will be rescheduled or your money will be refunded.
  • Our cancelation policy is the following:
    – In cancelations over 48 h penalties will not apply.
    – Cancelations 24 hours before the flight, 50% penalty.
    – Less than 24 hours, lose the entire amount.
  • Yes, due to technical or meteorological reasons. In that case you money will be refunded or the flight will be rescheduled.
  • For security reasons you are not allowed to take the following: purses, scarfs, caps and camera sticks (you’ll be asked to put your electronic devices in flight mode).
  • Between 4-5 passengers, depending on their weights.
  • You can show your preference, but due to security reasons will be the pilot who will decide the distribution.
  • From 0 to 100 years old. Kids from 0 to 2 years old should fly with their parents.
  • Yes they can, but they shall be accompanied. You’ll also be required to advise it at the moment of the booking.
  • Yes, you’ll have to call or email our booking department: 932240710 /
  • We provide headphones to protect you from the noise, but we do not have audioguides.
  • We fly up to 300 meters above the highest building in town.
  • It’s very important to know the weight of all the passengers, that’s because of technical and security reasons in the helicopter. We remind you that the maximum weight allowed per passenger is 110kg. In case of exceeding it you’ll be asked to pay for two seats.

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