Trust CatHelicopters for a Safe Journey

One question we often get asked is “how safe is a helicopter tour?”    Helicopter incidents are very rare.  That’s why when they do happen they make front page news.   Statistics show you’re far safer in a helicopter than driving the streets below.  From our point of view we believe you are in “very safe hands” when you fly with us.  Here are a few points to consider.

Strict rules and regulations created by the Spanish Aviation Administration and backed by decades of flight experience govern how and when helicopters and other aircraft can be operated. Commercial helicopter pilots must undergo extensive training before they are permitted to fly in the airspace around a city like Barcelona.

#1 While helicopter and small plane crashes have occurred, they are often related to weather issues when people have to get someplace and they may travel in conditions that aren’t the best.  Our policy is that if weather is an issues we will not fly that day and reschedule your tour/trip.  Research from the USA shows that helicopter accidents are actually decreasing.


#2  Maintenance.  Some companies use subcontractors to maintain their equipment.  When money is tight they may cut corners to save.  We do our maintenance in-house to we spare no time or expense in keeping our equipment up to date.


#3 Equipment.  We operate using some of the most time tested and long standing helicopters in the aviation marketplace.   We trust these products with our own lives.  Furthermore we have multiple units so if one helicopter has the slightest issue we can simply fly you in another unit.  These helicopters are multimillion-dollar machines so it is our best interest to keep them in top condition.  we maintain them using our own strict operating specifications, which often go far beyond even what Spanish regulations and insurance providers require.


#4 Pilots.  Our pilots all have 10+ years’  experience as helicopter operators.  We fly familiar routes and understand the Barcelona airspace as well as you know the roads from your own home town.  We’ve fly hundreds of routes each year so you can trust we know the region.


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