Enjoy Montserrat By Air

This unique range of mountains and monastery is best viewed by air.

When you visit Barcelona, there is one sight that can’t be missed.  Montserrat.  While it’s well oven an hour drive to reach by car, you can get there in minutes by Helicopter and see it as few others can.

At 1236 meters (4055 ft) above the valley floor, Montserrat is the highest point of the Catalan lowlands, and stands central to the most populated part of Catalonia. The stone monolith is ideally located to play an important role in the cultural and spiritual life of Catalonia

The Montserrat mountain range is one of the most unique in all of Europe.  In many areas the stone walls extend up like pillars from the mountain base.  The name Montserrat comes from the Catalan language and translated means “serrated mountains.”  Other than the striking image of the mountain tops, Montserrat is known for the Catalonian Monastery and home to the statue of Virgin Mary.

When you visit by air you’ll see the mountains from all angles, only some of which are available to see by foot or car.  Since many mountain climbers set Montserrat as a goal, you may see one climbing the mountains as you fly by.  For those on foot there are hiking paths and of course tours of the inside of the monastery.  The monastery location was supposedly chosen for its unique location, high above the clouds but protected by many of the high winds that blow so high up.  The monastery was built around the year 1025.

Viewing the monastery by air helps you understand the total scope of the building.  You’ll be amazed at how this could be constructed in such a location so long ago, and how the construction has stood the test of time and still remains in use today.  An air flight will also take you past the funicular Sant Joan, 1000m above sea level.  The steepest funicular in Spain.  From that area you can see the Pyrenees mountains and the beautiful countryside below.

There are few words that really describe this mountainside air tour.  You really have to see it to believe it and once you do, you’ll never forget it.

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