Visit Barcelona and all its architecture

Barcelona is an amazing city for architecture lovers but also for tourists who enjoy being surprised when they are simply taking a walk.

The city of Barcelona, like so many European cities, has had a great evolution since the first Nelithic settlements over 4000 years ago.In terms  of times of well being, misery, diseases, wars, sieges have been destroyed and built entire neighborhoods of the city, resulting in a unique and very interesting architectural panorama, not only for the amount of interesting spaces, but also for its variety and quality.

Arquitectura Barcelona_ Sagrada Familia

Tourism in Barcelona can enjoy simples of all historical periods from the Iberians to the present day. Iberians, Romans and Arabs left their mark, but the times with brighter works are given by the architecture of the Middle Ages and the one corresponding to the modernist era and it also has Good examples of comtemporany architecture.

In the pre-Roman era, the Iberian people were already populating the area between Llobregat River delta and Besós River delta, but its foundation as a city is due to Emperor Augustus in the year 14 B.C. Romans built and walled their settlement and nowadays we can find traces in many parts of the center of Barcelona, inside the MUHBA and also remains of walls in various places, business and restaurant of the Gothic Quarter

For those who visit Barcelona, the Gothic quarter offers wonders such as the church of Santa Maria del Mar in El Born, the buildings of Picasso Museum (5 medieval buildings), the churches of Sant Pau del Camp and Sant Pere de les Puellas Caritas, a monastery in Pedralbes. The Jewish Quarter and the whole of the Plaza del Rey, not forgetting the charm of the medieval Street of the entire center.

We can not forget the splendor of the 19th century Barcelona, With its Eixample that allowed the growth of the city and gave it its great modernist buildings, which currently delight people from all over the world who do tourism in Barcelona: Pedrera, Sagrada Familia, as its greatest exponents.

The architecture of our days can be easily recognized in Works by the most famous Spanish and international architects: Santiago Calatrava, Ricardo Bofill, Rafael Moneo, Arata Isosaki, Jean Nouvel, Mies Van der Rohe, Richard Meyer or Toyo Ito have built or participated in the reformo f large emblematic buildings of the city such as communications towers, stadiums, museums, auditóriums, apartment buildings and offices and hotels.

From the helicopter flight you can see manyo f them from the air and for those who do tourism in Barcelona is a view of the city in all its fullness

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