Visit Barcelona during its holidays: La Merce

The city of Barcelona as some very special moments during the year, and one of them occurs in this month of September, its patron celebrations, la Festa Major de la Merce, which is celebrated on 24th September.


The origins of the festival have a religious carácter and the fervor for the Virgin of Mercy dates from the Middle Ages, it was in 1868 that an oficial party was declared, although the party as such began to gain importance in 1902 when the city lived one of its best moments.

The city turns to make enjoya ll the people who live in it, the walkers, and also the tourists of Barcelona. For almost a week, you can enjoy a countless cultural recreational options for free.

Barcelona offers its most traditional versión With festivals and demosntrations of popular culture such as parades, the “correfoc”, With its firecrackers and devils, the giant’s walk, the big heads and the animals of the city, the dances of sardanas and the popular dances that are represented by the center of the city and that in many cases imply the complicity and participation of the people who come t osee them. With medieval reminiscences, these parties are loved by Young and old.

Barcelona turns around so that both, inhabitants and its visitors, enjoy the party but it also pays attention to children and the city also offers theater shows in the Street and in different neighborhoods you can see many children’s animations and circus. Dance and concerts artists come from all over Europe, although paying special attention to the manifestations of Mediterranean cullture.

The city also does not forget Young people and organizes many concerts of pop, rock and roll, rap, urban music, jazz on the beaches, in the parks and other urban spaces.

Since 2007 Barcelona has a guest city, this year the guest city is Beirut and from there will come many artistic options.

The party ends on the 24th With a great and fantastic piromusical show to which all locals and tourist are invited and that is expected With special enthusiasm

To visit Barcelona for a week is t olive a party, full of tradition and modernity

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